Why is the Importance and Safety of Maternity Skin Care Being Overlooked?

Why is the Importance and Safety of Maternity Skin Care Being Overlooked?

There are new studies that show a direct link between estrogen levels of women during pregnancy and the impact it has on their child’s risk of developing breast cancer. A recent study by researchers from Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and Virginia Tech shows that a diet high in fat or large amounts of estrogen can heighten the risk of breast cancer for numerous subsequent generations of female offspring. We know that estrogen levels can be altered by not just diet but also what is applied topically to the skin. In fact, many hormone replacement therapies are administered topically.

There is a tremendous amount of information available to the expecting mother to help them make healthy choices throughout their pregnancy. A variety of helpful pregnancy tips are readily available through the internet. Numerous studies are being conducted regularly and new discoveries being found frequently in regards to pregnancy safety. However, skin care during pregnancy is not even close to the forefront of discussion.

What we put on our skin goes into our bloodstream and what goes into our bloodstream while pregnant and nursing travels to the baby. So it should come as no surprise that safe topical products are necessary. Women need to be cautious in not only the chemicals that they expose themselves to during gestation, but also very common ingredients found in products that are used daily such as Oxybenzone.

Oxybenzone is a potential hormone disruptor and is a “synthetic estrogen” that is used in many sunscreens on the market today. This chemical sunscreen has long been associated with birth risks such as low birth weight in baby girls. With the new information available today regarding estrogen levels and the correlation to cancer in offspring, pregnant women should avoid using Oxybenzone or any ingredients that act as a synthetic estrogen or natural products that affect estrogen levels.

Is there skin care that is designed for pregnant women that they can use safely and effectively?

“Absolutely” says Gina Zeiger, President and Founder of Pretty Mommies a maternity skin care line. “When formulating Pretty Mommies we took into consideration all ingredients and then researched the science backed studies behind them. We even took it a step further in that, the ingredients we used not only have specific skin care benefits but most have a dietary benefit to the mother and child.”

Zeiger also notes that just because you are using a line that is “all natural” doesn’t necessarily mean that it is recommended for pregnant and nursing women. Zeiger explains, “Soy is a very common natural ingredient used in many cosmetic products today, but soy is not recommended during pregnancy due to estrogenic effects, so we didn’t use Soy based ingredients in our skin care line.”

Many physicians have long recognized the need for a safe maternity skin care that they can feel confident in recommending to their patients.

“A recurring problem we hear in our clinic is unwanted skin changes that occur during pregnancy,” states Kimberly Donnellan, MD, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at IMC Otolaryngology Facial & Reconstructive Surgery. “I have been very cautious in the past to recommend a skin regimen during this time because so many products contain dangerous chemicals for the baby. We are very excited to now offer Pretty Mommies as an all-natural and safe option to our patients.”

For more information about safe skin care or to purchase Pretty Mommies and find a physician near you please visit pretty.vessiohosting.com.

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