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The #1 Physician Recommended Acne Treatment During Pregnancy!

Many women struggle finding a safe pregnancy acne treatment and it is one of the main reasons Pretty Mommies Skin Care line was created. Almost all prescription skin care as well as over-the-counter brands cannot be used to treat acne during pregnancy due to the potentially harmful ingredients. We pride ourselves in providing top rated and safe pregnancy acne products to use during this special time and beyond.

However, problematic skin during pregnancy is not limited to acne; it can include a variety of other conditions such as melasma, sensitivity, dryness, rashes and dermatitis. Our pregnancy skin care line helps to improve all of these conditions, leaving your skin healthy and radiant. Below are some testimonials and before and after photos of actual customers.


Photos taken only 3 days apart. You can see the reduction in inflammation, redness and irritation and the acne healing.

“My acne begin to be a problem around 19 years old, and I began using Proactiv. I would go back and forth from Proactiv to new skin care lines people would recommend. My acne was always hormonal, I believe, because it would clear up while on birth control, but nothing else really helped completely. Now that I am pregnant with my second child, I had acne worse than I ever had in my life. I work in the beauty industry as a hair stylist, and it was very hard for me to have confidence when my skin was so badly broken out. One night, I said a prayer for answers, and sent pictures of my skin to my mom, just so she would know what I was going through. A few minutes later she came across Pretty Mommies online. Of course, I was very skeptical, so she said as a gift she wanted to order it for me to try. The day I used Pretty Mommies for the first time I knew it was the answer. Three days later, my skin was totally different. The redness and inflammation was gone and I didn’t have new breakouts! I was so nervous because I thought it had to be too good to be true! But it isn’t! 3 weeks later and I am a believer in these products. They have changed how I see myself and given me my confidence back. I will use these products forever!” * – Kacy Bunn


“…my skin started changing right away… After three days, I was down to one cyst after having 4 or 5 consistently and fourteen days later I had no cyst at all!” – Samantha P.


“I received the Pretty Mommies collection as a gift for my baby shower, a couple of weeks before the birth of my son. I had developed Melasma during the pregnancy despite diligent SPF usage. A dear friend recommended your products.I have now used the collection for the past 13 months and the products have improved my skin tremendously. I am still nursing my son and it is important to me to use safe yet effective skin care products.

I am now confident to go make-up free on most days. I rarely break out and if I do, the blemish heals quickly. The Melasma has diminished to a point where it no longer is a confidence-breaker for me. Thank you so much for developing this line. It has given me my confidence back!”* Julia O. Irving, TX


Photo Courtesy of Advanced Dermatology, Waterford Lakes Orlando, FL. Photos were taken 3 weeks apart.

“In using the Pretty Mommies brand for over 3 weeks now, I am definitely seeing a positive change in my skin. Being 8 months pregnant, my skin was breakout free until the 6 month mark: cystic acne took over my jaw line leaving scarring as a result of hyperpigmentation. I was at a loss as I tried talking to my doctor about possible solutions. All that the doctor said was that there were limited options as peels/retinol/hydroquinine/ antibiotics were off limits because of possible harmful effects to my baby. I tried countless homemade natural products on my own but wasn’t seeing the results I would have liked to see. Then one day, after visiting a dermatologist office, the esthetician told me about the Pretty Mommies brand. Finally, a product that I could use without being afraid of how it might affect my baby! I was so relieved and felt good about putting it on my skin every night and every day.

The cleanser is very effective in taking off makeup and has a wonderful scent to it. As a result of using the Step 2 Truth be Told leave on, I feel that my skin has gone from dull to a bit brighter, which is most welcome! Also, the sunscreen is a wonderful base for my makeup as it helps it glide on better. I also use it at night on active acne and have seen them shrink in size the next morning! Within 3 weeks my skin is a lot smoother and the inflammation on my jaw line has gone down significantly. I cant wait to see what happens with my continued use of it. I plan to nurse my baby and will be relying on this product even then because its safe for me and my baby and effectively nourishing my skin. I feel more confident about how I look and also am worry-free now as I am putting natural and beneficial products that are safe for myself and baby that’s what matters most to me.” * – Kathy P. Orlando, FL


“It took about 3 days for me to realize Pretty Mommies was unlike I had ever used” – Juliana Norris Monroe – Owner/Director of Carolina Pines Med Spa

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“I’ve had acne all throughout my teenage years and even into adulthood. Throughout the years, Ive tried everything from Proactive to Eastern style Chinese herbal remedies, to finally prescription meds like Differin, antibiotics, and Retin-A creams. Nothing gave me the results I wanted, and most had horrible side effects!

As soon as I got the acne under control, I became pregnant and the acne came back with vengeance! The prescription meds I was taking prior were out the window. The only thing that I used to try to manage my skin was benzoyl peroxide, which my midwife said it was safe to use. Still, I wasn’t completely comfortable using in the first place.

After nearly two trimesters of that, I decided to look for another solution. That’s when I came across Pretty Mommies and boy, am I glad I did! I had immediate results. My skin calmed down, and my acne began to go away within two weeks!! People were finally commenting on my pregnancy glow. Pretty Mommies has made me enjoy this last trimester, and has made me feel like a beautiful, confident mother-to-be. Thanks Pretty Mommies!” * – Ana T. Seattle WA (34 weeks pregnant)

 “I love my Pretty Mommies Skincare! This is the only line that balances out my hormonal changing skin. At night I lather Truth Be Told serum and wake up with bright, beautiful, hydrated skin! Thank goodness there is a safe skin care line for mommy and baby :)” * – Diana E. Atlanta, GA

“I’ve always had combination skin, and experienced a lot of hormonal acne with my first pregnancy ten years ago. Once I became pregnant again I realized that I could no longer use the medical grade products I so loved. I started using the Pretty Mommies line at the beginning of my second trimester, right as my skin started going downhill once again. Within a few weeks, my acne had completely cleared up, and my skin was actually glowing! The brightener was so fresh and hydrating on my skin. After a month, my skin tone had evened itself out, and I stopped wearing foundation (which was a god-send in the middle of summer).

Every woman wants beautiful skin, but more than that, its priceless knowing that the products I used throughout my pregnancy and now while I’m nursing are also 100% safe and beneficial to my baby! I recommend this line to all my pregnant friends, and also anyone that is looking for an all natural solution.” * – Audra Jackson and Baby Ty

Adrienne Tarola, wife of Dr. Nicholas Tarola of Tarola Plastic Surgery loves Pretty Mommies!


“Pregnancy is a special and delicate time for a woman; it brings numerous hormonal and physical changes. These changes are often reflected in the skin, ranging from acne-type conditions, dry skin, rashes, stretch marks and skin discolorations, etc. There is a significant necessity to educate these patients on their new skin care needs, and provide them with safe and effective skin care products that will protect and hydrate their skin throughout their pregnancy. We have found the Pretty Mommies skin care line to be beneficial for our patients who are pregnant and feature their products in all our offices.” * –Matt L. Leavitt, DO, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery.

I’ve had painful hormonal acne since my teens and I’ve always used harsh products to try to control it including washes, creams, and even oral prescriptions. Sometimes products would keep the acne at bay, but leave me not feeling my best. When trying to conceive, I realized I had to stop the oral prescription, which is what worked best. Once I became pregnant, I knew the hormones would cause my skin to break out and it did, sure enough, in my second trimester. When I found the Pretty Mommies website, I had already tried a few products and I was very skeptical that something all natural would be able to help me. I called Gina and her knowledge of hormonal acne and the way her products work gave me the confidence to try it.

The overall health and appearance of my skin started changing right away. To say I was amazed and relieved is an understatement. I was so excited I’d run to my husband after washing my face and say, “Look at my skin!” After three days, I was down to one cyst after having 4 or 5 consistently and fourteen days later I had no cysts at all. I still have some scarring, but my skin is so bright and actually healing. Best of all, I feel good that I am cleaning my skin and treating my acne in a way that is healthy for baby and me. I always thought that I had to use harsh products to be effectively treating acne, but using Pretty Mommies has shown me that is not true. No more chemicals or pills for me. I will definitely continue using this product well after pregnancy and I’m so grateful that this works so well! – Samantha P.

“Sounds silly, but your product has been life changing for me! I suffer from lupus/ MCTD and your product has helped ease some of my pain. Im allergic to most things, but my aesthetician recommended your product and my skin calmed dramatically without side effects. That doesn’t happen for a girl like me with fair skin and red hair. Keep up the great work!!” * –Anonymous

I have purchased/used skin care of every kind from the expensive skin care counters at department stores to every brand at the local shopping center to every brand purchased from a well-known company sold through consultants. My skin still looked what I call droopy no life to it. I went with my daughter-in-law to a spa where they used Pretty Mommies. I could not believe the difference in my skin. I ordered the set of Pretty Mommies skin products. I have been using them for over two years and love them. My skin looks great!” * – Jill L. Lerna, IL

“Excuse this long review, but my battle with acne has been a long road. I have had problems with acne since high school. I have very fair skin so every little pimple would be very red and noticeable. I have been placed on topical and oral antibiotics, tried numerous other systems with harsh chemicals that claim miracles, nothing worked. Then, at 28, I got pregnant with my first child and the problem escalated. It would get so bad, I would be in tears from low self-esteem and with pain/irritation from the pimples. My OB said they had a new product in their office that I should try. Of course, I was skeptical, especially when I saw the price. But I bought the 3-step kit, figuring Id try one last thing. Let me tell you, this stuff is liquid gold. Now, over 3 years later, Ive had my 2nd child, and have never stopped using the system. I can count on one hand the amount of pimples Ive had. Everything about these products and this company is amazing. It is worth every penny and the products last for a long time. One kit will last me about 4 months. Their customer service is fantastic as well. I always get a prompt and friendly response, which is rare these days. I’m so grateful I found this.” * – Kellie

“I had acne all my life even well into my mid 30s. When I became pregnant last year, every doctor I met with told me that acne will be much worse due to all the hormonal changes and that there are pregnancy safe medications I can use. I was not about to put my pregnancy at risk with safe medicine just to reduce acne but the struggle of acne is and has always been very real for me! I came across pretty mommies online and bought the Truth be told Skin Enhancer on a whim although I felt the price point was a bit steep for my budget. I am so glad that I invested in this. Within two weeks of using this cream the acne around my jaw line started to clear up, allowing the scars to start healing. During harsh winter months, I started to use another face cream for more moisture and the acne around my jaw came right back. I know now that this cream is the only thing keeping my skin from hormonal flair ups. I use this every day right after washing my face. Once I let it soak in I use a more intense moisturizer to combat the winter dry skin. I do think during the summer this cream will suffice on its own. I LOVE how soft my skin feels and how everyone is complimenting me on my pregnancy glow. Thank you for this product. This pregnancy has been so great because I feel so good in my own skin.” * – Nadia Khan

“I searched high and low in the months prior to conception for a pregnancy safe product that could control hormonal acne. I came across Pretty Mommies early in my search, but was hesitant. Id done all natural products before and been unimpressed. My three-step system arrived at just the right time, two days before I learned I was pregnant. I started using it right away and was immediately sold! The face wash cleanses and removes makeup better than any other face wash Ive ever used and I have used a lot! And within just a few days, my skin looked healthier, more even and less red! Ive always been prone to hormonal acne and redness. Ive yet to see a zit since using these products. I am full on in love! I may continue using this after pregnancy and breast feeding.” * – -Jill F.

“I’ve never had perfect skin, but my complexion took a turn for the worse when my husband and I decided to try for our second baby. After going off The Pill and stopping use of mainstream acne products, my acne flared I had large, painful zits that would not go away. With my first child, I learned a lot about what I should and should not be doing during pregnancy, so I knew I wanted a natural skin care product that would be safe, but also be effective. I ordered Pretty Mommies at the urging of my husband, and Im so happy I did. After lots of research, this is the only product I found that specifically addresses skin issues during pregnancy, and does not contain any ingredients that could potentially harm my baby.

My skin is still not perfect, but my breakouts are smaller, less frequent, and the blemishes are less inflamed and painful. I noticed that my existing acne cleared up much more quickly when I began using the Protect and Reflect sunscreen as a spot treatment at night (at the recommendation of Gina, who has been extremely helpful!). My skin also looks brighter and dark spots from past acne breakouts seem to be fading faster than they had been previously. One small but important detail to me- the smell! I have terrible and prolonged morning sickness during my pregnancies, and I’m very sensitive to smell. Pretty Mommies products have a very light citrus scent, and its one of the few smells that hasn’t bothered me during this pregnancy.

One last note- Pretty Mommies has excellent customer service. Any question I had was always answered promptly and thoroughly. I cant recommend them enough!!” *  – Keara B. Fort Collins, CO

“Love the product. It was so gentle on my skin. I would definitely continue using pretty mommy products for a while. My skin is so much better. Try it for sure and guaranteed you will love it. Thanks Pretty Mommies.” * – Sumeeti B Vicksburg, MS

“My face was a mess in the first couple weeks of pregnancy. I searched for the perfect skin care line, in hopes of finding something that worked for pregnancy acne, but was also safe for baby and me, too! I found Pretty Mommies during a web search and read rave reviews! I ordered the complete skin care set, and haven’t stopped using it since! My son is now 2 weeks old and I am nursing him full time! I am confident I am using the safest, yet honest skin care on the market. It truly works!” * – Kimberly V. Madison, WI

“A recurring problem we hear in our clinic is unwanted skin changes that occur during pregnancy. I have been very cautious in the past to recommend a skin regimen during this time because so many products contain dangerous chemicals for the baby. We are very excited to now offer Pretty Mommies as an all-natural and safe skin regimen option to our patients.” * – Kimberly Donnellan, MD, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at IMC Otolaryngology Facial & Reconstructive Surgery

Pretty Mommies proving yet again to be so much more than just pregnancy skin care!

“The other day, a woman walked into the office interested in medical treatments for acne. Immediately, I couldnt help but to hurt for her, as she was suffering with cystic acne all over her face. She told me she was moving away in just a few days. I sent her home with the Pretty Mommies Skin Care, disappointed I would never see her again. However, with only three products to use, I was confident that she wouldnt have any problems with her new skin care regimen.

Five days later, she unexpectedly stopped by before she left town. Before I could say hello, she gave me the biggest hug, thanking me over and over for helping her skin! I was amazed! Within just five days, the Pretty Mommies products caused her red blemishes to fade and the inflammation subsided completely. This woman was overjoyed because she had tried every product under the sun for her acne. Thanks to Pretty Mommies Skincare, this woman walked out the door that day with her head held high! She promised to keep in touch and will continue using the products.” * – Suzanne Warren, Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Blue Sky MD Hendersonville, NC

“I continue to love your products Upon arriving back from NC, Ive gotten compliments from my two sisters on my glowing complexion (even with a little sleep deprivation at that!), so I’m grateful. That’s all Ive been using. As I’m still nursing (while giving him solid foods now) I can still feel at ease about what I put on my skin. Baby developed eczema a little while ago and the doctor told me that I had to be careful on what kinds of products he comes in contact with in addition to the products I use. I don’t have to worry when he touches my face, rub cheeks, or give him kisses because I know the ingredients are not harmful to him and he doesn’t react adversely to them either.

Keep it up the great work!” * – Best, Kathy P.

“Pretty Mommies is the only pregnancy skin care product I can use to keep my acne under control. I have tried many of the pregnancy safe products throughout my pregnancy and nothing else is keeps my skin as clear.” * – Kaycee J. New York, NY

“I have been so impressed with how Pretty Mommies makes my skin feel so soft, and healthy. Even my husband noticed a difference in my skin the other day. Time is not something I generally spend on myself, as a mother of two/expecting our third. Your product is fast and easy. My skin is extremely dry, especially during this time of year. I have only used your products for two weeks, and my dry patches are not even noticeable.” * – Jamie K. Independence, KY

“My skin is acne prone in general so I expected my skin to be awful during pregnancy because of the hormones however my general regimen was out of the question due to the ingredients. I stumbled upon these pregnancy skin care products on a blog and I am so grateful because my skin looks amazing even post pregnancy! They are easy to use and feel so natural. My skin doesnt have that tight, dry feeling after washing and I have not broken out like I used to before finding Pretty Mommies. I will definitely continue to order!” * – Alexandra P. West Hollywood, CA

“I have tried a lot of skin care products on the market and hands down Pretty Mommies has been the best comprehensive skin care regimen for acne-prone skin. Since using Pretty Mommies, I have noticed a complete transformation in my skin. Having a combination of oily and dry skin most products either treat one or the other conditions. Pretty Mommies formula of hydration, exfoliating and nourishing natural ingredients have decreased my break-outs and released its natural balance giving me the clear glow that I always dreamed of having.” * –Kristen G. Aldie, VA

“At first I only bought the cleanser. It actually did work great alone but once the pregnancy hormones kicked into high gear I broke out again. So I called and ordered all 3 products. I immediately cleared up and have stayed very clear through the first and second trimester of my pregnancy. I still get the occasional pimple but I honestly think its from rushing myself and not covering every area of my face with the skin brightener. Once I get a new pimple I am sure to cover it well with the skin brightener and by the very next day it is almost gone, and two days later it is always completely gone! These little bottles also seem to last forever, since you only need one squirt both times you wash each day it goes a long way. Well worth the money once you see how long it will last you.” * – Mary K.

“I have been really impressed with the cleanser. It is controlling my breakout prone skin without harsh chemicals and I love that! It makes my skin soft and smooth and the light smell is nice. I am definitely a believer in the Pretty Mommies line!” * – Jennifer W.

“A lot has happened these past couple of months. We had a beautiful baby boy Emerson, and we moved to North Carolina a couple weeks ago due to my husbands new job.

My skin has calmed down after labor (so grateful), but I keep using the Pretty Mommies line and can see a glow and have had more compliments on my skin (surprisingly, despite not having as much sleep as before!) . I find that the zinc sunscreen kind of creates a one-toned look on my face after putting it on, which I love. As I’m still nursing, I’m glad that I’m using good things on my skin and know baby isn’t getting exposed to any toxins.

Thank you again, Gina and so glad that found out about your product, its made a world of a difference during my pregnancy and even now.” * Best to you, Kathy P.

“I have searched for skin products that are safe to use during my pregnancy and was thrilled to find Pretty Mommies Skin Care. I have peace of mind in knowing I can still take care of my skin and protect my baby at the same time. I look forward to having my baby look at me one day and say Pretty Mommy.” * –C Headley

“I have been trying to conceive for several years and have been unsuccessful. After much consideration I chose In-Vitro and now am pregnant. I am very much aware that what I put in my body determines the well-being of my baby but just as important what I apply on my skin. I am elated that I have found pregnancy skin care products that are completely safe Pretty Mommies.

My doctor is also pleased. Thank you Pretty Mommies!!” * – K. Shelton

“I was given Pretty Mommies as a gift. The week prior I had gone to the dermatologist for a problem I was having with my skin. They said had perioral dermatitis. After 2 weeks using the prescription cream my skin was not better. I decided to start using Pretty Mommies skin care. Within a month all of my skin issues were gone! I was truly amazed!” * – Marci Murray, LA

“As a medical aesthetician and the manager of a premier medical skin care facility in Chicago, I strive to offer only quality products to fit my clients skin specific needs. The concerns of expecting and nursing mothers were always a challenge to address until we started carrying Pretty Mommies. Now I can recommend a safe, effective way for soon-to-be mothers to combat a spectrum of skin care issues while delivering all the anti-aging benefits of our other physician-dispensed products. Pretty Mommies has been a welcome and exciting addition to our facility.” * –Kate McDonald, Manager, ME, CLE, CAN at Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique