Pretty Mommies Skin Care Partners With Mommy Bloggers To Promote A New Education Initiative

Pretty Mommies Skin Care Partners With Mommy Bloggers To Promote A New Education Initiative

Pretty Mommies the #1 physician recommended maternity skin care line and the “Blogging Mamas Network” are actively working together to provide helpful information to moms across the country. They are launching a large education program through various media outlets that will ultimately keep mothers updated on safe, chemical free products and empower mothers to make the most informed choices.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

Moms from around the country are working together to help other moms make healthy choices while pregnant and nursing. They are committed to taking on a huge education initiative and using today’s social media platformsin order to spread the word.

“By posting consistent, valuable content and videos, your message becomes both searchable and relevant in your subject of expertise,” states Jeffrey Gitomer in his book “Social Boom”, “and your desire to communicate valuable information to your audience of followers.”

Even with the World Wide Web at our finger tips it is sometimes difficult to find pertinent information that moms need to know, especially first time moms. They’re not certain on exactly where to search. Occasionally some very critical information is being ignored; not by design of course, but because it is just not being seen or heard by the target market it is intended for.

That is why it is very refreshing and exciting to see Mommy Bloggers post, tweet and pin about topics that are relevant to their followers and even more importantly their safety.

“We are frequently contacted by mommy bloggers from across the country and globally, and asked to share with them the importance of our product line and why we are different,” says Gina Zeiger President/Founder of Pretty Mommies Skin Care. “They are extremely interested in making sure their followers are well informed and updated on all areas that are specific to being a mom. I can tell you that when I discover something that is new, exciting and important – I want to share it with everyone, in hopes that they can gain information that will benefit them now and in the future.”

It is not surprising that Pretty Mommies is contacted regularly by bloggers that want to inform their readers about a safe and natural solution to skin care issues that arise during pregnancy and a product line that is recommended by hundreds of doctors around the country.

Some passionate bloggers, Jenny Krout from “According to Jenny” and Lindsey Galvez from “So Easy Being Green”, have recently joined together and started the “Blogging Mamas Network”. They have used their blogs to help communicate the importance of using safe, chemical free products since that information is sometimes hard to find in our consumer driven society. They saw a huge value in combining a network of other blogging communities to openly discuss important topics and to effectively reach a widespread audience. They immediately recognized the benefit of introducing Pretty Mommies Skin Care to their readers and other bloggers; and are planning a special social media event with them in mid November.

“We are proud to partner with Pretty Mommies to help raise awareness of safe skin care during pregnancy and nursing,” explains Krout. “Lindsey and I are excited to share with our readers and followers this company’s goal of helping to educate moms about the use of safe products during these special times of their life…and beyond.”

By pulling resources and ideas together and using the social media phenomenon as their outlet, these outstanding women are making a difference.

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