Pretty Mommies Much More Than Pregnancy Skin Care – Not Just For Pretty Moms

Pretty Mommies Much More Than Pregnancy Skin Care – Not Just For Pretty Moms

Pretty Mommies Natural-demand-boosts-skin-care-market_strict_xxlAs most of you already know Pretty Mommies Skin Care was formulated for pregnant and nursing women and has become the #1 Physician Recommended Pregnancy Skin Care Brand.  What we didn’t expect was the overwhelming support (and customers) we’ve received from non-pregnant women, men and teenagers.  Pretty Mommies simple, all natural, three-step skin care system has “changed lives” according to some.  Whether they’ve heard about us through their dermatologist or from a friend, word has spread quickly about the effectiveness of our products.

There is no denying that today; consumers are doing more research into not only the effectiveness of their skin care, but also safety.  It is why natural personal care product sales have soared in the past several years.  Just like in the food industry, there are many studies coming out that show the dangerous associated with some very common ingredients found in our cosmetics.  It is even more alarming to discover that many of these ingredients are banned in other countries!

I suppose when we look at the big picture we shouldn’t be surprised that consumers of all ages and gender have come to rely on Pretty Mommies for keeping their skin clean, clear and healthy. Consumers demand simplicity, efficacy and safety, as they should – and we meet their demand.

Please keep this in mind next time you make a skin care purchase.  Share our products and your results with your friends and family.  Thank you for helping to raise awareness about the importance of safe maternity skin care; and the importance of natural, safe, clean and healthy personal care products as a whole.

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