Pretty Mommies Comments On Why Obgyn’s Are Now Interested In Skin Care

Pretty Mommies Comments On Why Obgyn’s Are Now Interested In Skin Care

Years ago, nutritional supplements, prenatal vitamins and maternity helpful accessories were not commonly found and retailed in Obgyn practices but today times have changed and evolved. Information concerning benefits of using these type of products while expecting is abundant and therefore necessary for physicians to educate their patients concerning the advantages.

Obgyn´s are regularly asked by their pregnant patients about lifestyle changes they must make now that they´re pregnant. In fact, most offices give out welcome packages to all of their newly pregnant patients that address these questions and are loaded with helpful information, recommendations and guidelines to follow. In addition to the common questions regarding diet, rest and exercise obstetricians are also frequently asked about what skin care products are safe and until recently many would refer their patient to a dermatologist.

It is common for dermatologists and plastic surgeons to feature skin care products in their practice because this is their area of expertise. Physicians can design a skin care regimen based on their patients needs and the patient can leave the office with the recommended products.

Today, many Obstetrics and Gynecology practices are taking their patient care to a new level. They are providing complete and comprehensive information, covering all the areas that are crucial to safety during pregnancy and this includes skin care.

“Surprisingly Pretty Mommies is the first physician maternity skin care line,” says Gina Zeiger, President/Founder of Pretty Mommies Skin Care. “At first we were primarily offered in dermatologists and plastic surgeons offices as a replacement to their prescription skin care products, when one of their patients became pregnant. However, due to the growing evidence of safety issues while pregnant with many over-the-counter cosmetic products we are gaining wide spread recognition by Obgyn´s. Even though Pretty Mommies is a new concept, doctors quickly understand the importance of a line like ours. Obgyn practices that carry our products are changing the standard of obstetric care.”

Pretty Mommies Maternity Skin Care is the #1 physician recommended maternity skin care line. Their safe, all natural products are in 21 states in hundreds of physician´s offices. To view before and after photos, read testimonials and to learn more about their products please visit

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