Pretty Mommies Comments on the Newly Evolving Relationship Between Dermatologists and OB/GYNs

Pretty Mommies Comments on the Newly Evolving Relationship Between Dermatologists and OB/GYNs

Dr. Stewart, a physician with Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery in Jacksonville, Florida, is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and the International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Diseases. She has authored multiple publications related to caring for women with vulvar dermatoses and knows the importance of working together with providers from other specialties in order to best care for a patient.

Dr. Stewart also practices general, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, which includes skin cancer prevention, surveillance and treatment, as well as acne and anti-aging skin care. Due to her unique experience, medical colleagues and female patients frequently ask, “What skin care products are safe and effective to use during pregnancy?”

Skin changes during pregnancy are extremely common. Many women experience skin breakouts, sensitivity, rashes, and hyperpigmentation. Physicians’ options are limited, as most traditional treatments are not considered safe during pregnancy.

Dr. Stewart observes that, “Many women may not realize that several ingredients in common over-the-counter acne and anti-aging products are not recommended for pregnant women. As medical professionals we need to provide women with safe and effective options for both routine skin care products as well as treatment for specific conditions.”

In the same way that routine obstetric care includes education regarding diet and activity during pregnancy, there is a significant need to educate women on safe and effective skin care during pregnancy. To maximize safety, this anticipatory guidance should begin before a patient becomes pregnant.

Pretty Mommies skin care line is a one-of-a-kind, all-natural, comprehensive three-step system that addresses all the requirements for healthy skin. It includes a gentle cleanser, a natural hydrating brightener with antioxidants to treat acne and dark spots, and a superior broad-spectrum sunscreen. Dr. Stewart notes that she and her colleague, Dr. David Boyd, “are happy to have the Pretty Mommies skin care products available not only for pregnant and breast-feeding women, but for all our patients. More and more frequently patients ask about specific ingredients in skin care products and prefer an all-natural product with an ingredient list that is understandable.”

“In working closely with Dr. Stewart, we have made huge advancements in education. Her specialty has allowed us the opportunity to help improve skin care during pregnancy and also raise awareness in regards to safety,” explains Gina Zeiger, President/Founder of Pretty Mommies. “Physicians now recognize the need to offer a skin care line in their practice that is safe for pregnant women. In the very near future medical grade maternity skin care products will be as common as the prescription lines that address anti-aging, acne and hyperpigmentation.”

Dr. Kristen Stewart has a medical degree from Temple University and is a physician with one of the country’s largest dermatology groups, Advanced Dermatology. Most Advanced Dermatology locations carry Pretty Mommies Skin Care.

Pretty Mommies is the #1 physician-recommended maternity skin care line in the country. To find out more about Pretty Mommies products, read physician and patient testimonials, and see before and after photos, please

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