Pretty Mommies Comments on a Recent Article Published in Medical News Today in Regards to Unintentional Chemical Exposure During Pregnancy

Pretty Mommies Comments on a Recent Article Published in Medical News Today in Regards to Unintentional Chemical Exposure During Pregnancy

Many expecting women are not aware of the unintentional chemical exposure they encounter on a daily basis by just applying topical skin care products. Pretty Mommies Skin Care discusses why they are committed to eliminating personal care product safety concerns by offering safe, chemical free, maternity skin care.

In a recent Medical News Today article titled Pregnant Women Should Be Aware of Unintentional Chemical Exposure, writer Kelly Fitzgerald states, Exposure to substantial amounts of environmental chemicals has been associated with negative health effects in women and children. The same threat may be true for personal care products such as sunscreens, shower gels and moisturizers.

It has long been established that numerous personal care products today, contain chemicals that are known human carcinogens, cause neurotoxicity, organ toxicity and reproductive developmental toxicity. It is the main reason why many consumers are opting for more natural ingredients. It is never more important however, than when a woman is expecting. The dangers posed to the unborn child are too great to not pay close attention to and make informed choices about the personal care products they are using.

We know for certain that there are many ingredients found in skin care and in the personal care product industry that have links to health risk and contraindications during pregnancy, explains Gina Zeiger, President/Founder of Pretty Mommies Skin Care. But we need to wash our face and apply sun protection when going outdoors. Pregnant women need safe, chemical -free, healthy and effective skin care options. They shouldnt have to compromise and give up on beautiful skin due to pregnancy; and they no longer have to because of Pretty Mommies.

There are many studies that have found safety concerns regarding cosmetics and pregnancy. In fact, based on these studies findings, physicians have actually recommended limiting or reducing the use of personal care products while pregnant.

Education is the key to pregnancy safety. There are several common ingredients that are allowed in skin care products here in the United States that have been banned in other countries.

Expecting women are exposed to enough environmental factors and chemicals each day that skin care should be the least of their concerns, concludes Zeiger. Pretty Mommies is working with many organizations, physicians and women across the country in efforts to elevate the importance of safe maternity skin care.

All Pretty Mommies products are Gluten Free, Estrogenic-Activity Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free and Made in the USA. To see before and after photos, read patient and physician testimonials and to learn more about their ingredients please visit

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) September 26, 2013

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