Pretty Mommies Announces Their New Affiliate Program – A Joint Education Initiative with Obgyn’s and Hospitals Nationwide

Pretty Mommies Announces Their New Affiliate Program – A Joint Education Initiative with Obgyn’s and Hospitals Nationwide

Comprehensive obstetric care has changed over the years. Prior to 1975, most physicians did not give advice or recommendations regarding drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes during gestation. This was due to the fact that there was no information to support that drinking or smoking was dangerous to the unborn child. However, as studies came out to show evidence that engaging in these activities could pose serious health risks, physicians changed their protocol accordingly.

There is now information regarding pregnancy skin care safety. For instance, it is well known that ingredients such as retinol and hydroquinone (common in prescription skin care products) should not be used during pregnancy due to links with reproductive and developmental toxicity as well as birth defects. It is also becoming clear that many over-the-counter cosmetic products are not recommended during pregnancy, especially ones that cause estrogenic activity.

“Pregnant women should not eat food that contains soy because it causes estrogenic effects,”says Gina Zeiger, President/Founder of Pretty Mommies Skin Care. “Physicians have been advising their expecting patients to stay away from soy products for quite some time. It is interesting however, that the most common active ingredient in mainstream sunscreens today is Oxybenzone, which is a synthetic estrogen and hormone disruptor and unless you’re involved in the skin care industry most people do not know this. It is our commitment to share this type of information with doctors, who can then pass it on to their patients, so they can make healthy and safe choices.”

The reason oxybenezone is particularly alarming is due to a recent study conducted by Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. It found that women who have high estrogen levels during pregnancy increase the chance of their daughters developing breast cancer.

“There is a necessity to educate and raise awareness about the importance of safe maternity skin care; we are thrilled to see physicians and hospitals around the country join our effort to do so,” says Zeiger. “Together we are making a difference.”

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