Pretty Mommies And A Group Of Graduate Students Help Expecting Moms Make Safe Choices

Pretty Mommies And A Group Of Graduate Students Help Expecting Moms Make Safe Choices

There are many companies that sell and sample skin care products. Some of these companies are found online, in department stores and even physicians’ offices. There are others that have taken it a step further and offer monthly memberships in which they provide samples of products that their customers are most interested in. This allows for the consumer to test out a product before they spend money on buying it. Companies such as Birchbox have been incredibly successful in providing this new and popular service. However, none have been specifically focused on maternity skin care until BabyLove.

The importance of safe maternity skin care is becoming a well recognized and frequently discussed topic but not all moms are aware of the potential dangers associated with using some very common cosmetic ingredients. Evaluating skin care can be especially overwhelming to first time moms when having to make other lifestyle changes regarding diet, exercise and rest.

“That is what makes BabyLove a unique and exciting concept and certainly a company that is going to stand out in the marketplace,” explains Gina Zeiger President /Founder of Pretty Mommies Skin Care. “It is fantastic that this company has done the research for you and has taken the best pregnancy safe and effective products and developed a business model around letting expecting moms try them.”

Miranda, Jessalyn and Elyse are students at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, a master’s program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. For their master’s thesis, this student group built a business that addresses an environmental issue. These young entrepreneurial minds with an eco-friendly spirit came up with a brilliant business plan that set out to make a difference and to help expecting women make safe choices. It was a topic all three women were passionate about.

“As students, we have repeatedly learned about health and environmental risks associated with some of the ingredients found in our skin care products such as triclosan and oxybenzone,” says Miranda Farley, Project Manager of BabyLove. “It seemed obvious to us that we needed to avoid these harmful substances, but three women on a graduate school budget, we found it to be quite a challenge to find healthy products that actually worked,” added Jessalyn Ishigo, Financial Manager of Baby Love.

“Miranda, Jessalyn and I began talking with other women and we quickly realized we were not the only ones dealing with this problem,” explains Elyse Bernstein, Web Manager of BabyLove. “New and expecting moms in particular told us that they were facing new skin care challenges and were struggling to find safe and effective products. For these soon to be moms it is extremely important to know about skin care lines like Pretty Mommies and to have the opportunity to try them out. This was a springboard for BabyLove.”

BabyLove’s goals are similar to the companies and partnerships they align themselves with such as Pretty Mommies; which is to raise awareness about the risks associated with conventional skin care ingredients and become part of a social movement towards healthier and safer products for people and the environment. They hope that their products and services will help to deliver natural health and beauty to women.

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