Our Founder

Gina Gordy, President/Founder of Pretty Mommies

Passionate mom, ardent fighter for safe skin care.

Acne. Melasma. Sensitive Skin. As if my body changes during pregnancy weren’t enough of an adjustment, like many expectant mothers, I also developed skin conditions I hadn’t seen since I was a teenager. Could this be happening? As my belly got bigger, my breakouts and hyperpigmentation worsened. I ran to my doctor, desperate to treat my problematic skin. But he advised me to wait until I was done nursing. Why? Because most skin care products just weren’t safe to use while pregnant.

Like most moms, I often take matters into my own hands, so I scoured the internet for pregnancy-safe and effective skin care products. Sadly, I discovered my physician was right. Even the most popular lines could be harmful to a pregnant mother and her child. So I waited. My skin conditions continued, but at least I knew my baby would be safe.

After my son was born, I jumped on the chance to treat my skin. I turned to physician-based products and chemical peels with great results. My skin cleared and my confidence soared. Quite the relief! I knew there were countless mothers out there who also wanted healthy post-pregnancy skin, so I started a medical distribution company to share these effective products. We educated and sold medical grade chemical peels and prescription skin care products to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical spas around the country.

Women loved them. However, physicians frequently asked if they were safe for their pregnant and nursing patients – and they simply weren’t. Once again, I was frustrated. And once again, I researched safe maternity skin care. It was ten years later, so there must be something available. But shockingly, not much had changed.  How could this large and important market be so overlooked?

That was it; I was determined to provide safe, effective skin care products to expecting women. I pooled my resources and used all my industry connections with top cosmetic chemists, leading physicians and labs to create the Pretty Mommies maternity skin care line. We spent years researching, formulating and developing products that are all natural, just as effective as their chemical counterparts and, most importantly, safe for mommy and baby.

All our hard work paid off. I’m proud to say that Pretty Mommies is the #1 physician recommended maternity skin care line in the country. So Mommies, don’t despair! You can finally take care of your skin safely and effectively, even while your baby grows and nurses.

Pretty Mommies, Healthy Babies.