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April/May Issue of Pregnancy & Newborn
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Pretty Mommies, the Country’s Top-Rated Pregnancy Skin Care Line, to Soon Launch New Products and a Brand New Look… Read More

Pretty Mommies is an all-natural skincare line that makes safe and effective products for pregnant and nursing moms. You can read all about the research and ingredients in their products… Read More

Focused on fighting pregnancy acne and melasma, Pretty Mommies holds its own among the best pregnancy skin care lines. All their products, including the facial cleanser, skin enhancer, skin brightener, and pregnancy sunscreen are free of any harmful chemicals, and all ingredients are pH-balanced to provide the best effects with no risks…. Read More

Hawaii is the first state to ban two very common chemicals found in most sunscreens that are available today. This bill was introduced based on research finding harmful impacts these ingredients had on the environment and now leads to questions regarding the potential harmful impact it may have on humans… Read More

Follow a Skincare System
If you want all your facial skin needs met in one place, check out the three-step skincare system ($119) from Pretty Mommies. It comes with a Let’s Be Clear facial cleanser to wash away impurities and gently exfoliate, a Truth Be Told skin enhancer packed with antioxidants and safe yet effective anti-aging ingredients to hydrate and brighten skin, and a Protect & Reflect SPF 32 sunscreen for broad-spectrum coverage. As individual products, they work beautifully, but as a comprehensive package they combat hormonal acne, melasma, hyperpigmentation and various skin irritations… Read More

Pretty Mommies Discusses Natural Skin Care vs Synthetic
Until recently natural skin care products were not considered to be as effective as their chemical counterparts. However, with new studies and enhanced formulations along with high public demand, natural skin care is becoming the new favorite in the beauty industry… Read More

Pretty Mommies Addresses the Importance of Safely Treating Pregnancy Acne

It is very common for women to experience acne during pregnancy. It can also be an incredibly frustrating time for soon to be new moms because most women quickly learn that their favorite acne skin care brands cannot be used if pregnant… Read More Mommies finds facial cleansing niche
Gina Zeiger spent three years developing a skincare product that contained all-natural active ingredients that were safe for pregnant women, and then launched Pretty Mommies Skincare LLC in 2012…. Read More
The maternal diet influences fat and glucose metabolism of offspring through epigenetic alterations
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6 Safe Skincare Products for Mama-to-Be

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Pretty Mommies Comments on a Recent Article Published in Medical News Today in Regards to Unintentional Chemical Exposure During Pregnancy

Pretty Mommies Makes Pregnancy Skin Care More Affordable and Promotes New Fall Prices with the Help of Large Online Maternity Retailer

Pretty Mommies Announces a National Sales Campaign with UBS Aesthetics

8 Pregnancy-Friendly Skincare Lines




Pretty Mommies Launches a Safe Maternity Skin Care Campaign and Website with the Help of Their Friends at the Blogging Mamas Network


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Pretty Mommies Announces A New Pregnancy Skin Care Awareness Program with HDRI


Pretty Mommies – the #1 Physician Recommended Maternity Skin Care Line Is Now Expanding into China

Pretty Mommies Announces Their New Affiliate Program – A Joint Education Initiative with Obgyn’s and Hospitals Nationwide

Pretty Mommies Explains Why their Pregnancy Skin Care Line is Now Becoming Popular with Oncology Patients

Pretty Mommies Comments On Why Obgyn’s Are Now Interested In Skin Care

Pretty Mommies Comments on the Newly Evolving Relationship Between Dermatologists and OB/GYNs

Pretty Mommies And A Group Of Graduate Students Help Expecting Moms Make Safe Choices

Maternity Skin Care Products and Services Now Becoming Increasingly Popular with Dermatologists and Cosmetic Physicians

Pretty Mommies Skin Care Partners With Mommy Bloggers To Promote A New Education Initiative

Why is the Importance and Safety of Maternity Skin Care Being Overlooked?

Maternity Skin Care Line Pretty Mommies Offers Insight on Recent Article About Natural Personal Care Products