Mellisa’s Testimonial

Melissa beforeMelissa After









(Photos taken 7 weeks apart.)


“Before becoming pregnant, my skin was always pretty normal with the occasional breakout. I used harsh products on my skin such as chemical peels, lasers, and Proactiv. My skin was under control but I really did not like the fact that I was using so many chemicals. Most of the ingredients I could not even pronounce. After becoming pregnant, I stopped using all of the chemical skincare even though most doctors were telling me to still use salicylic acid and that it was safe. Knowing that skin is our largest organ, I did not take a chance. I started using different brands of natural products without success. Sure, they smelled nice but they weren’t doing the job.

Being active duty military and working in an OB/GYN clinic made me super self-conscious about my face. Doctors constantly were harassing me to put chemicals on my skin and I kept refusing. One night, in tears, I began scouring the internet for a natural product that actually worked. I found Pretty Mommies and was very hesitant about ordering and spending even more money on a product that might not work.

I received the products in the mail in less than a week, which was awesome. I started using the suggested regimen and was trying to stay positive. Week by week my skin was changing and people were noticing.  The oiliness of my skin was decreasing and the huge bumps were going down. Now I am to the point where I feel confident in my skin and my breakouts are under control. I also have not had the dreaded pregnancy mask that everyone talks about. People have told me that I have a “glow” to my skin. It is very reassuring when I was dealing with horrible skin from the beginning of my pregnancy. I have recommended these products to pregnant and non-pregnant people. I can’t thank Pretty Mommies enough for making a product that I feel safe using and that actually works. I am due in less than two months, but will continue to use the products while breastfeeding and beyond.” *