Just Pregnancy Skin Care or the universal product line you’ve been waiting for?

Just Pregnancy Skin Care or the universal product line you’ve been waiting for?

When we began formulating Pretty Mommies skin care products we were committed to providing the safest pregnancy and nursing skin care line available and we did. In fact we are safest maternity line on the market today.

Our products are all natural; and we also choose natural ingredients that were safe for pregnant and nursing women. That meant avoiding soy (due to the estrongenic effects), licorice and mulberry (due to uterine stimulation) and a many other natural ingredients that were not recommended during this special time. We were careful to only consider using ingredients that had a VERY SPECIFIC skin care benefit right down to our surfactants and emulsifiers.

Our Core products are multi-functional. They address the common skin problems associated with motherhood such as acne and hyperpigmentation but they also have many other benefits. Our Three Step System covers all the bases of a good daily skin care regimen. Even though it is only three simple steps it is loaded with many key and active ingredients that not only address acne and hyperpigmentation, but also offer antioxidants and anti-aging benefits, sun protection, hydration and much more. Pretty Mommies core products encompass all you need for healthy radiant skin.

So it should come as no surprise that we have been getting much feedback from many non-pregnant women, men and teenagers that are seeing amazing improvements in their skin. We are especially hearing dramatic results in helping to clear up acne. In fact, after receiving the before and after photos, click to view www.prettymommies.com/before-after (sent to us by a 16 year old in Tennessee), it has prompted us to begin several clinical studies across the nation. Our participants are not just pregnant women, but men and women of all ages.

We are breaking through the myth that natural products cannot show substantial and measurable results to your skin.

We are also committed more than ever to education. As cautious as women are about what they consume during pregnancy, what they apply topically has been seriously overlooked. Society as a whole has paid more attention to nutrition, diet and excise; so why aren’t people paying an equal amount of attention to skin care? According to Dr. David Bank, in this month’s InStyle Magazine “Skin is our largest organ and any ingredient you put on it can be absorbed into your bloodstream.”   It is imperative to pay attention (especially if pregnant and nursing) to topical skin care products. We feel the main reason skin care is so overlooked is because most people do not understand its importance, due to the lack of information surrounding this topic. We are determined to change that and have set out on a mission to raise awareness by providing information so you can make informed decisions.

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