Juliana-pretty-mommy-testimony“Your skin looks amazing! – Four words every woman loves to hear. Four words that make us stand up a little straighter and glow with pride at choosing a skincare regimen that obviously speaks for itself. As director of Carolina Pines Med Spa in Jacksonville, North Carolina, my job is to find the highest quality products and services that will make our young population’s dollar stretch the farthest. I believe that my clients deserve the best, both where results and the fastest time to achieve them is concerned. In July of 2012, I began promoting a skincare line designed for pregnant and nursing mothers to my clients who were just that. The Pretty Mommies 3 step system seemed simple enough to use and the ingredients were exceptionally pure and clean. The feedback was great, although we really didn’t have that many clients who were pregnant or nursing.

In keeping with the spirit of trying every product or service we offer (and once I ran out of my own products that winter), I decided to go ahead and try Pretty Mommies for myself. From the gentle but consistent exfoliation the pH balanced cleanser facilitated, to the evenness of tone the enhancer revealed, and the anti inflammatory effects the sunscreen promoted, it took about 3 days for me to realize Pretty Mommies was unlike any line I had ever used. Three weeks in and I was hooked! The longer I used it, the better my skin felt and looked. It occurred to me that to reserve this line only for pregnant and nursing women was not only unfair, but also negligent. We ALL deserve clear, healthy, glowing skin. And we ALL deserve skin care that nourishes and balances our skin without any trade offs where safety or toxicity is concerned. Shortly after my experience, I began recommending Pretty Mommies to all of our clients, no matter what age, or gender (think acne plagued teenage boys and my 12 year old daughter!). It has become part of the back bar in our clinical facials, and the gold standard for home skin care for over 80 percent of our clients. Not a single client leaves our office without hearing about this amazing line. Frankly, to hold back would be unfair and negligent. Fast forward three years and I’ve never looked back personally or professionally. Nor has my skin ever looked better! And when my clients gush those four words to me, I glow with pride knowing that I’ve chosen my skin care line wisely. ” * – Juliana Norris Monroe, Owner Carolina Pines MedSpa

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