How My Pregnancy Resulted in Pretty Mommies

How My Pregnancy Resulted in Pretty Mommies

Several years ago, ok maybe more than several…I spent the day enjoying some much needed relaxation by the pool. I was about 3 months pregnant with my son. I grew up in Florida where there was never a lack of sunshine. Like many people I knew, I worshipped the sun! I loved being outdoors; at the beach, playing tennis, bike riding or just lying out by the pool. Back then I was young and never wore sunscreen. I wanted to get as dark of a tan as possible and the thought of putting something on my skin to prevent one was just ridiculous to me.

On this particular day, after spending several hours by the pool, I returned inside to shower. As I was getting in the shower I took a quick glance at my face in the bathroom mirror and I remember thinking, ‘how did I get dirt all over my face?’ I must have touched a dirty lawn chair. Oh how I wish it was only that! It turned out to be melasma, which at the time was a foreign word to me, but one I learned about all too well. Upon visiting my OBGYN a few days later I was told that the hyperpigmentation all over my face was due to melasma brought on by hormones and accelerated by the sun. I was also told that there was nothing I could do about it until after I had the baby. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. I had dark spots all over my cheeks, chin, and forehead. Makeup wouldn’t even cover it up.

Also around this time I started breaking out around my jaw line and once again was told that there wasn’t anything that I could effectively use until after I was pregnant. So I waited until I had the baby and began using products that were supposed to clear my skin, but unfortunately I didn’t see much improvement.

Ironically, due to my pursuit of the perfect treatment to improve my complexion, I discovered some effective medical grade chemical peels and prescription strength skin care products. I began a medical distribution company and started selling these products to dermatologist, plastic surgeons and medical spas. Everyday our office would receive a call from one of our physicians asking if the peel or any of the products where safe for pregnant and nursing women. Our answer was that it was not recommended. This was due to the fact it had ingredients such as hydroquinone, retinols, salicylic acid etc… that are not safe while pregnant or nursing. These frequent calls reminded me of my own pain and frustration while pregnant and having nothing to use that was safe and effective. There had to be something that pregnant women could use that would help them and I became committed to finding a solution.

I began doing extensive research. I talked to world renowned dermatologists and chemists about products and ingredients and what was truly effective at treating pregnancy skin safely. I also started looking at maternity skin care products that were currently available. I was shocked! I couldn’t believe some of the ingredients that were being used. Often there were no skin care benefits, just a bunch of synthetic fillers, emulsifiers and surfactants. Worse they also contained some ingredients that had FDA warnings against them!

I’ll be honest. When I first set out to develop this line and started working with some top FDA chemists, I thought that the line would be good. In fact, it has exceeded all of my wildest expectations. Like many in the medical community, I thought that there would be no substantial measurable results unless a prescription strength product was being used. I quickly found out that is just not true. In fact, some prescription products have serious negative effects on the skin and actually accelerate the aging process and worsen the conditions you are trying to treat with long time use (we will discuss this further in future posts). How could this happen? I knew we could do much better than this.

That is how Pretty Mommies came about. We developed a skin care line that was not only all natural and safe but highly effective at treating the most common skin issues associated with motherhood. We have set ourselves apart by using only high quality ingredients that have measurable skin care benefits. Most ingredients used in our line have a specific dietary benefit for pregnant and nursing women.

Your skin, like your body, craves ingredients that are rich in nutrients and vitamins and the healthy glow you receive from using these types of ingredients are unparalleled. Try our products and you will find out first hand. If for any reason you are not impressed by your results we will refund you money. This is offered whether you purchase the products through our physicians or stores, or you by them online through our website. Please frequently check back to continue to read our new blog and to find out all sorts of healthy tips about pregnancy, healthy skin care, healthy diets and overall useful information about motherhood. This summer look for our Pretty Mommies Facial being offered at select locations around the country.

Committed to making a difference – Gina Zeiger

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