Five Things You Can Do Today to Pamper Your Skin

Five Things You Can Do Today to Pamper Your Skin

Give yourself some extra TLC while pregnant.

If you want to love the skin that you’re in, there are things you can do while pregnant to ensure that it is clean, healthy, and radiant. In fact, getting into the habit of caring for your skin helps you better understand the importance of passing on good skincare habits to your child. The following list offers a few suggestions on ways to make your skin look and feel its very best. With hormonal changes causing imbalances in your body, your face tends to be the first place you notice breakouts and blemishes.

Here are five things you can do today to pamper your skin:

  1. Get a prenatal massage. Soothe tired and achy muscles by having a professional masseuse give you the royal treatment. A prenatal massage is also good for stimulating the lymphatic system which flushes impurities out of your body. When there isn’t a build-up of fluid in your body, your skin isn’t puffy. It maintains its elasticity and youthfulness.
  2. Make moisturizing a priority. Dry skin feels sore to the touch. It lacks the moisture needed to keep it plump and healthy. Invest in a moisturizer and make sure to use it often to prevent your skin from drying out. This is especially important in the winter when you spend a great deal of time indoors with the heater on.
  3. Sip on ‘pretty water’. Create your own vitamin-rich, infused waters by trying out new recipes containing fresh fruit, cucumbers, spices, and herbs. Make plain water look ‘pretty’ so you’re able to feel prettier. Water is essential to good skin health. You need it to flush out impurities and to keep your skin naturally moisturized. Sip on a glass or bottle all day long and refill your pitcher with ‘pretty water’ whenever you start to run low.
  4. Avoid fatty and fried foods. Junk foods can cause your skin to break out. Even if you have crazy cravings, find alternate ways to get your fix without it disrupting the delicate pH balance of your skin. Remember that an influx of hormones has already made your skin extra sensitive. Do your part to keep junk foods out of your home and body.
  5. Cleanse your face well before bed. No matter how tired you may feel, make it part of your nightly routine to wash off your make-up, clean, and moisturize your face. That way, there will be no question that you’ve done what you can to take good care of your skin. It also gives you a good habit to stick with even after your baby is born. You won’t need to take shortcuts in your own self-care routine because you’ll have mastered the skincare portion of it easily.

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