Do your cosmetic and personal care products contain phthalates?

Do your cosmetic and personal care products contain phthalates?

If so, you should be concerned, especially if pregnant because safe pregnancy skin care is extremely important.

Phthalates are found in a significant amount of everyday products. Common items like toys, electronics, fragrances and lotions. Phthalate’s have been linked to a host of health issues such as – breast cancer, asthma, obesity, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, behavioral issues, neurodevelopment issues and many more.

Because of the CDC’s warning of phthalates it required the Consumer Product Safety Commission to take a closer look which lead to the report on phthalates – the Chronic Hazard Advisory Panel on Phthalates or CHAP which was finalized in 2014.

“The Chap report is the first major regulatory document in the federal government that’s highlighting the extent of the new science on the risks of phthalates,” says Erik Olson, senior strategic director of food and agriculture and health programs for the Natural Resources Defense Council. “The fact that the commission is looking both at phthalates as a group and at the toxicology of individual phthalates is really important,” he says.

Phthalates can be absorbed, digested and inhaled. It can even be passed from mother to unborn child because they can cross the placenta. Mothers can also pass on phthalates to their newborn via breast milk.

It is very important to pay attention to the products your using now during pregnancy. All Pretty Mommies products are phthalate free and free of many other harmful chemicals. In addition, we are also Gluten Free, Estrogenic Activity Free, Vegan and made in the USA. WE are the #1 recommend maternity skin care line.




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