For healthy vibrant skin during pregnancy and for best results we highly recommend using our entire skin care line. Below are the benefits and the most effective morning and evening routine.

Our products:

– Deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate
– Provide antioxidant and anti-aging properties
– Deliver intense but balanced hydration
– Stimulate collagen and elastin production
– Improve fine lines and wrinkles
– Clear blemishes and heal acne
– Reduce redness and irritation (great for sensitive skin)
– Help to resurface and improve skin texture
– Refine and reduce the appearance of pores
– Help to retain moisture for a radiant glow
– Brighten and help to even out skin tone
– Help to intensely hydrate the belly and body and aid in the prevention of stretch marks

How to Use –
Step 1 – Wash with Let’s Be Clear Facial Cleanser.
Step 2 – Apply a thin layer (about 4-5 drops) of But First, Hydrate Moisturizer to face and neck. Good for normal or dry skin for extra hydration.
Step 3 – Follow with Truth Be Skin Enhancer. Apply generously to face and neck.
Step 4 – For superior sun protection follow with Protect & Reflect SPF32. Rub in thoroughly. It’s a fantastic makeup primer too!

Step 1 – Wash with Let’s Be Clear Facial Cleanser.
Step 2 – 3-4 times per week apply thin layer of About That Glow Brighten & Refine. Keep on 1-3 minutes as tolerated. Rinse with cool water to neutralize.
Step 3 – Use But First, Hydrate Moisturizer every evening. After using About That Glow apply a thin layer (about 4-5 drops) to face and neck. If you do not use About That Glow apply after washing. Good for all skin types.
Step 4 – Follow with Truth Be Told Skin Enhancer. Apply generously.
Step 5 – Spot treat over blemishes with Protect & Reflect SPF32. The pure non-nano zinc oxide is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory and will help to heal acne.

Mama’s Little Helper Bump & Body Butter can be used anytime. We recommend the best time is right after a shower or bath to seal in extra moisture.