Aren’t ALL “all natural” products safe for pregnancy?

Aren’t ALL “all natural” products safe for pregnancy?

This discussion comes up frequently with many pregnant women. As we already know, skin care products can be just as important as diet during pregnancy and nursing. Many ingredients used in skin care products are absorbed into our skin and travel directly to the baby, either through the placenta or via breast milk. Unfortunately, many women believe that as long as they are using an all natural product they are being completely responsible and safe. The term “all natural,” however, in today’s society is used very loosely. Likewise,even some all natural products are to be avoided during pregnancy. For instance, soy based cosmetic preparation have become hugely popular due to the many skin care benefits soy offers. Yet, soy based products are NOT recommended during pregnancy due to the estrogenic effects it could have on the mother. Licorice is a popular all natural skin brightener, but licorice can cause uterine stimulation, premature contractions, etc…

When formulating Pretty Mommies pregnancy skin care products we were conscientious to which natural ingredients to avoid and which ones were safe to use. We felt that it was important to cross reference not only the skin care benefits of each ingredient, but in almost all cases,its dietary benefit. As a matter of fact, most of ingredients that were used to formulate our line are actually recommended, at higher daily allowances, to pregnant women in their diet and included in prenatal vitamins. The planning and compounding of the products were very well thought out and planned.

Many of us are condition to believe that if skin care products are not prescription strength then there are no measurable results. That is just not true. Many recent studies have been conducted to show the outstanding effects and results of natural ingredients. It is probably why many mainstream companies are now launching an “all natural” line. We are finding out that some very common ingredients used in skin care formulations have some very disturbing side effects and concerns. Some are causing not only reproductive and developmental toxicity, but are causing organ and neurotoxicity and even cancer. Still others are known to be environmental toxins, which means they destroy the environment and yet people are layering these types of products on their skin every day. It doesn’t make sense does it? That is why my national representatives and I are committed to educating not only physicians, nurse practitioners, and aestheticians about our line and the true benefits associated with it,but also consumers. In our blog we will continue to inform you of the safety and benefits of natural ingredients,as well as alerting you to the dangers of their synthetic counter parts.

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